Britain has never needed a strong apprenticeship scheme so badly

It is National Apprenticeship week the first week in March again this year.   Never before has  this country needed to have a super-strong Apprenticeship scheme so badly.

Ever since the Brexit vote, we have seen the departure of many of our skilled staff.  We are also faced with the reality that in future, we will no longer be able to look to the additional resource of the EU to hire staff when the Brit workforce cannot meet our needs.

Some companies, particularly those based in technology fields, are able to get round this by having remote teams based in other countries.   For other sectors, this option is not workable, manufacturing, food production, plumbing being but some examples.  For the last few years I was in manufacturing the entire sector was crippled with skills shortages, few staff were UK born, and many businesses were turning to automation to survive.  I was continually hamstrung by having no matching apprenticeship schemes on offer from any local college, which would have been the only way forward to solve the continual skills shortages.

So we are under pressure.  On top of this, we have reverted to the no fee employment tribunal, with talk of more easing to come on employment laws.   I can only assume that this is to make the current government a more palatable alternative to traditional Labour followers.  Certainly, if Labour get into power at any point, we will see even more drastic measures.

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