Marketing strategies fail to recognise brand loyalty being seriously tested

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell,” said American entrepreneur and author, Seth Godin.

Those stories have changed in recent years. In the 20th century, every story played into the customer’s fears and anxieties – be they worrying about being too old, too fat and so on. This century, we appeal to the customers hopes and aspirations. It’s about making the customer feel they are a special, feel they are a star – that’s what buys brand loyalty.

This desire to become, or at the very least to imitate, a celebrity has become one of the largest and most influential new trends. Millennials and Generation Z, especially, now find a “celebrity” endorsement more aspirational than they do one of an industry expert. Even being seen to have interaction with a B-list celebrity on social media adds appeal and therefore value to your brand.

One of the savvy business people who saw the potential of this is Timothy Armoo, co-founder of Fanbytes. Armoo’s business helps brands collaborate with “influencers”, celebrities and other “personalities” known for their online presence. You can expect to pay for their services because of their following on Youtube or Snapchat, rather than any relevant qualification.

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