Providing good customer service has never been more difficult

A decade or so ago, a customer service department was simply a vehicle for mopping up any issues that might occur in the course of everyday life, perhaps a well-intentioned limp down an extra half mile for the client. Those days are long gone – good customer service is a must.

Good customer service has become a vitally important part of any company’s strategy and central to what tit can offer customers. Superb customer service is the way for the small business to win against the giants, to justifying price by giving that outstanding service.   

The customer experience from start to end has to be amazing. Done right, good customer service brings trust, loyalty and sales. A reputation for bad service, however, now spreads like wildfire. And the bars for customer satisfaction get higher every year.

While there is a tendency to blame millennials for this ever-increasing pressure on good customer service, we should also remember that when happy, their heavy use of reviews and feedback make them great brand ambassadors.

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