Visions, missions, USPs, KSPs – they are not just empty words

At a first glance, your vision and mission statements may not seem a fit with the rest of the sales and marketing acronyms.  We all know that visions and missions are vital for you and your staff to get excited about leading to real buy-in to the business.   But the ethical and emotional stuff that drives a business is fast becoming a hugely important part of your marketing.  Increasingly, buyers are selecting suppliers because they identify with what the brand stands for. So, that brings your vision and mission statements into relevance in a whole new way – as part of your sales and marketing strategy.

Secondly, if you are building a brand, the strength of a brand lies in all these things being synonymous or at least synchronized.   A vision is your overall purpose, where you really want your business to reach in the next couple of decades and your mission statement is simply a shorter way of summarizing this, with more focus on the here and now. The big difference is that your mission should be actionable, but both should be absolutely aligned.    Read more

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