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Providing good customer service has never been more difficult

A decade or so ago, a customer service department was simply a vehicle for mopping up any issues that might occur in the course of everyday life, perhaps a well-intentioned limp down an extra half mile for the client. Those days are long gone – good customer service is a must. Good customer service has…
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The key to unlocking gatekeepers

We all know how important it is to find the right person to speak to when you are selling.   But how to identify them and then how to get to actually speak to them can seem an unachievable nightmare.  These DM’s (or decision makers)  are almost always hugely difficult to get hold of, well protected…
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My staff didn’t think they had issues with women

  With International Women’s Day this month, it is relevant to reflect on the role gender inequality and issues with women played in the un-winnable problems my business had. Now, we all know about little girls being taught that their value lies in beauty, youth and sexuality rather than in their potential as leaders, while the boys…
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