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How Successful People Live Their Lives

With the New Year over and some of us excelling at resolutions and some of us, let’s face it, slipping slightly off course, you could try a totally different approach this year. Why not, instead, start making changes to your life by adopting the habits of the mega successful of this world. If they have…
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The Government’s stance on Cyber Bullying isn’t Strong Enough

The Internet Safety Strategy was launched last year, aiming to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online amidst the growing international phenomenon of cyber bullying. third of UK internet users received some form of cyber bullying in 2017 As part of this, the government have charged an independent Law Commission…
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Forget Brexit, slow demand is now the biggest headache for UK business

I was genuinely delighted to read some of the findings of the research commissioned by the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA) showing so much support for the private sector in post-Brexit Britain. Some 7.4m investors are reported to have said that SME’s have become more attractive because of the increased trade prospects, and 29 per…
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