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Do your staff still use a phone?

Remember that old thing called a phone?  That was once such a centre for all things business?  Yes, I know.  It’s been downgraded.  We have internet sites where the bots can talk to our customers instead.   We have marketing departments whose targeting is so sharp that they would have us believe we can finally un-employ…
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Visions, missions, USPs, KSPs – they are not just empty words

[caption id="attachment_3405" align="alignleft" width="300"] Vision Definition Magnifier Shows Eyesight Or Future Goals[/caption] At a first glance, your vision and mission statements may not seem a fit with the rest of the sales and marketing acronyms.  We all know that visions and missions are vital for you and your staff to get excited about leading to…
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De-mystifying cross-selling, up-selling & incremental selling:

  While cross-selling, up-selling, incremental selling all may sound like mumbo jumbo, it is all pretty straight forward and an essential part of your proposal to your customer.    Some of the verbiage of sales is, I think, what puts off non-sales people and it stops them getting to grips with what are perfectly legitimate functions…
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