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Do you Sabotage your own Finances

I have, at different times in my life, been earning healthy amounts of money and at other times I have been incredibly broke.   I have always known that money wasn’t really a motivator for me, but only in recent years have I come to understand that while that may sound unimportant, it is the product…
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Why are women still getting less funding than men?

September saw the launch of a new Treasury review to investigate the ongoing barriers for women in business.   Women in the UK are still only half as likely as men to start a business.   Only one third of existing entrepreneurs are women, and only one in five SME employers being run by women.  This can…
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How to make friends with money..

One of the things that holds women back in business is having a poor relationship with money.  It affects our money making abilities, our likelihood of holding on to and very definitely affects our negotiating skills and our sales skills.  Money also has a traumatic effect on our relationships too.  70% of marital breakdowns are…
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