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Discover the true origins of Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is now hard to miss in the UK.  There are taster sessions, term long classes, break-outs at work, and meetings after work.   It fits perfectly with the growth of our desire for Me-Time, peace and quiet away from pressure and technology.  So what is mindfulness and where did it originate? Contrary to many people’s…
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Equal pay is only a part of Equality

2018 has got off to a storm of different headlines on or around Women’s rights, equality and equal pay. I shan’t go too far down the road of commenting on Sarah Vine’s ill-chosen critique of Vogue for putting forward champions of diversity dressed as models and comparing them to the original Suffragettes.   I think she…
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New Year, New Magic

So here we are.   It is the New Year – and not a sparkly new resolution in site in this household.  I find myself entirely in line with Megan Markle in abandoning this tradition. Sitting down on New Year’s Eve with a lot of optimism, booze and imagination is not ever going to be the…
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