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The Government’s stance on Cyber Bullying isn’t Strong Enough

The Internet Safety Strategy was launched last year, aiming to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online amidst the growing international phenomenon of cyber bullying. third of UK internet users received some form of cyber bullying in 2017 As part of this, the government have charged an independent Law Commission…
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Stress-busters !

  I spent a decade or more over-stressed, miserable and damaging my health.  I learned the hard way about the national epidemic of stress that exists in the UK, leading to physical and mental illness.  I was an idiot and ignored it, but then so do many small business owners.  If it isn't cash flow,…
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Why “Should” is a terrible word

        Just as eating right is good for the body, doing what you are authentically wanting to do with your life is the food of mind, body and soul.   Doing what you think you must, what you ought or worse, what you “should do” is toxic. I grew up in a family…
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