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Six Steps to Happiness

Most of us are lucky enough to no longer have to focus daily on simply surviving. As a result, we have had more time to ponder on those age-old questions of what life is about, why are we here and how we find happiness.  There is a growing belief that happiness as something we are…
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How to make friends with money..

One of the things that holds women back in business is having a poor relationship with money.  It affects our money making abilities, our likelihood of holding on to and very definitely affects our negotiating skills and our sales skills.  Money also has a traumatic effect on our relationships too.  70% of marital breakdowns are…
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The Government’s stance on Cyber Bullying isn’t Strong Enough

The Internet Safety Strategy was launched last year, aiming to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online amidst the growing international phenomenon of cyber bullying. third of UK internet users received some form of cyber bullying in 2017 As part of this, the government have charged an independent Law Commission…
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