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Understanding the value of your proposition

One of the biggest mistakes start-ups make is to be so focussed on their amazing idea or great product, they fail to stop and consider if their customers will find it just as desirable.  Or worse, their own conviction makes them dismiss this as inevitable.  Sadly, here is nothing inevitable about it.   Without creating a…
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How to value yourself when selling

  During the sales workshop I did at the  wonderful WiRE conference recently,  many delegates talked of their  lack of clarity on price and value.  Because we either don’t understand, and or under-rate what value is when it comes to selling, we get price problems as a result.  I often hear people say with both…
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Think an introvert can’t sell? Think again

  I was doing a sales workshop at a conference the other week, and one of the delegates said to me over coffee “ But I can’t sell because I am an introvert”.   It is a common theme. People perceive it as necessary to be ultra-extrovert for selling;  a smooth talking, party loving animal who…
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