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The key to unlocking gatekeepers

We all know how important it is to find the right person to speak to when you are selling.   But how to identify them and then how to get to actually speak to them can seem an unachievable nightmare.  These DM’s (or decision makers)  are almost always hugely difficult to get hold of, well protected…
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Top tips for dealing with automated gatekeepers

More and more, people rely on technology to protect them from people they don’t want to speak to. The ways you handle this technology will hugely increase your chances of selling successfully. Never hang up when you get an answer phone. You are already paying for the call so use it. At the very least, it gets…
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Sales people are vital

Recently, I saw on social media, a marketing specialist propounding the idea that the salesman was no longer necessary at all, with marketing capable of totally replacing them. Interesting concept. Read more
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