How to clear your path in 2018

The concept of positive & negative energy was common to many early belief systems.

The word chi means energy and the ancient Chinese study of Feng Shui is about optimising the use & flow of energy within our daily lives. The Chinese believed that the Chi of the cosmos affects our feelings & moods, our fortunes & our health, whereas human chi defines our own personality. Blocked energies, internally or externally, make us unhappy, or unsuccessful. So living in place that has blocked energies around it or within it will affect our lives & our emotions.

Many ancient civilizations believed that working with nature was an essential to happiness.

Native Indians were among many who studied both local landscape & astronomy to establish where they should site themselves. Feng Shui, too, strives for harmony between the earth, the universe & humanity to achieve inner peace by optimising energy flow.

Buildings were sited & designed to work in harmony with both the earth & the universe.  Astrology was extensively used originally in the initial planning stages & the first ever magnetic compass designed for these practices.

Feng Shui aims to balance the Yin & Yang (masculine & feminine energy), day & night, summer & winter. The five elements of fire, water, metal, earth & wood have to be in harmony & their juxtaposition affects how they well they work. The full, original study is a hugely complex philosophical system

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