Mayfair Business Women’s Networking Speaker

Date: 26/10/2017

Time: Lunch time

Location: Mayfair Exchange, 34 Brook Street, London W1K 5DN

I will be talking about the mental blocks we have about selling, and how they affect us, rather than being hugely technical about sales.  I will look at the reasons behind why this dread of sales is so common, among women in particular and how it is based on some outmoded misconceptions.   I will talk a bit about self-confidence and how that exacerbates the issues.  In addition, I will talk briefly about why negotiating and closing strike terror into people’s hearts.  The idea will be to achieve some converts to what I believe is totally true, that all the blocks are in people’s heads, and why in reality women are if anything better suited to contemporary sales than men!

Please note that 1230 advise they may need to change the venue but it will still be in the same area.

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