Jan as a Business Coach

Jan Cavelle Business Coach Consultant and MentorNo one knows better than Jan just how lonely life running a business can be. If you are a sole trader or the sole leader in your business, it is almost impossible to relax and completely be yourself, nor to look honestly at the problems that might be assaulting your business.

We women still have some very specific issues we struggle with.  We haven't been doing it as long as men so we are still finding our feet.  We have issues with value, self worth, self confidence, selling, stress, work life balance, to name but a few!

Talking confidentially to someone with 40 years of business experience, who has experienced many ups and virtually all of the downs in business is a whole different matter. Many women find it easier to have another woman as a coach and mentor, who understands the particular challenges women have in business.

  • You can be honest.
  • You can stand back and look from the outside at what is troubling you or your business.
  • You can talk to someone who has time for you and no personal agenda.
  • You can have a sounding board for solutions.
  • You can afford the minimal time involved.
  • You can afford it financially.

Jan loves helping others in business. As she spends part of the time abroad and also devotes a fair chunk of her time to her writing, her coaching and mentoring support is given on line with a mix of phone and Skype sessions and she will only work with people she can sure she can help.

She particularly enjoys working with women and helping them identify and overcome the very specific additional problems women have in business including unblocking poor relationships with money, difficulties with self-promotion and selling; poor self-confidence and lack of self-belief; poor work life balance; guilt and finding your own voice among many others.

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Upcoming Events:

Mayfair Business Women’s Networking Speaker

Date: 26/10/2017

Time: Lunch time

Location: Mayfair Exchange, 34 Brook Street, London W1K 5DN

Delighted to be speaking for 1230 at their Mayfair Networking on blocks women have in selling and how to overcome them.