Referrals – why you should ask for them (and how to)

The easiest way to meet someone new socially is for a friend to tell someone else how great you are and introduce you.  You are likely to get off to a pretty good start, and it is exactly the same in business.   But neither one of them may ever do that introduction, unless you ask them to.

A referral is SO much more valuable than just getting a potential name.  You will be introduced to someone your referrer knows has a potential need for your product or service, so they are filtering your leads with insider knowledge and efficiency, knocking out hours of what would have been your hard work.  In addition, because of the personal recommendation, before you even speak to them, the prospect will have a fair degree of trust in you and your product, already defeating down one of the main obstacles in sales.  A referral is rightly reckoned to be worth 10-15 times a cold call.

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