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Here are a selection of articles I have written from publications all over the world.  I have written for Real Business  for several years and have expanded my subjects in recent years.   Have a browse through the old ones shown in categories on the left.  I am very happy to pitch for commissions on articles on broad variety of topics, but including :

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Feminism, plus women and work and outside it
  • Psychology
  • Lifestyle including work life balance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Authenticity
  • Change
  • Challenges & Advantages in the Third Act

My own blogs are a a mixture of subjects, anything that I feel particularly strongly on,  or something I have found worth sharing .   A bit diverse but I hope they will both entertain and help you to know me better.

I am qualified copywriter and a writing course junkie, continually trying to improve my craft.   I occasionally take on copy-writing work such as blogs, press releases or newsletters for clients too so if I can be of help on that please email me on


Is Influencer Marketing here to stay?

  Gaining followers for a cause by having a charismatic frontman has gone on through history.   The current incarnation is the celebrity influencer or blogger. Influencer marketing rose massively in 2017.  But perhaps it is unsurprising to read a report from Saatchi New York recently which found generation Z to be turning away from the…
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The importance of the right sales data

When I first worked in sales, I was employed by a large, high street chain of employment agencies.  We were given a day’s introductory telephone sales training, covering the rudiments of cold calling and listening to endless tapes of attempts.   Then, it was straight out and get to it.  They had a strict policy of…
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The age old chasm between sales and marketing

When I first started out on my search for a daily crust, I worked through the entire gambit of sales jobs, from B2B, B2C and direct tele-sales.   Tele-sales is often confused with tele-marketing;  the latter is when the caller is more engaged in spreading the company word or doing market research,  whereas tele-sales has always…
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Robotics are changing the face of employment

Robotics has the highest investor to idea ratio of all the emerging technologies.  The average deal value is an astounding 28 million dollars.    With that sort of money going into the sector, there is little doubt that the effects will implact more and more on our society. We have seen the use of AI already…
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