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Here are a selection of articles I have written from publications all over the world.  I have written for Real Business  for several years and have expanded my subjects in recent years.   Have a browse through the old ones shown in categories on the left.  I am very happy to pitch for commissions on articles on broad variety of topics, but including :

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Feminism, plus women and work and outside it
  • Psychology
  • Lifestyle including work life balance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Authenticity
  • Change
  • Challenges & Advantages in the Third Act

My own blogs are a a mixture of subjects, anything that I feel particularly strongly on,  or something I have found worth sharing .   A bit diverse but I hope they will both entertain and help you to know me better.

I am qualified copywriter and a writing course junkie, continually trying to improve my craft.   I occasionally take on copy-writing work such as blogs, press releases or newsletters for clients too so if I can be of help on that please email me on


Discover the true origins of Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is now hard to miss in the UK.  There are taster sessions, term long classes, break-outs at work, and meetings after work.   It fits perfectly with the growth of our desire for Me-Time, peace and quiet away from pressure and technology.  So what is mindfulness and where did it originate? Contrary to many people’s…
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Has the cover letter become obsolete in the recruitment process?

With time ever more precious, and our reliance on technology rising, it is hardly surprising that all our recruitment is becoming increasingly automated. The recruiter’s time became even more strained at the edges when benefit laws changed a few years ago to enforce job seekers to apply for jobs to clock up numbers, rather than because…
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Sales people are vital

Another huge shift in recent years in the UK has been the growth of marketing in the UK.  I saw a post on facebook recently, in which a marketeer was propounding the idea that sales people were no longer necessary at all, with marketing being totally able to replace them.  Interesting concept. I spend much…
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How to make incoming calls into increased sales:

 We all work incredibly hard at our marketing.   We may well work hard at presentations and even attack the “dreaded” cold calling.  But one area of sales that can easily be overlooked is the handling of incoming enquiries.  This can be an expensive oversight.  The people who make the effort to contact you are your…
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