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Do you Sabotage your own Finances

I have, at different times in my life, been earning healthy amounts of money and at other times I have been incredibly broke.   I have always known that money wasn’t really a motivator for me, but only in recent years have I come to understand that while that may sound unimportant, it is the product…
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It’s time to drastically rethink our interpretation of financial knowledge

In the not that distant past, the mysteries of finance were revealed nearly exclusively to boys from wealthy, well connected backgrounds  who could obtain entrée into a career within The hallowed Square Mile.  Then stocks and shares being available on the High Street.  We saw new style leaders emerge from outside the City, people like…
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How to make friends with money..

One of the things that holds women back in business is having a poor relationship with money.  It affects our money making abilities, our likelihood of holding on to and very definitely affects our negotiating skills and our sales skills.  Money also has a traumatic effect on our relationships too.  70% of marital breakdowns are…
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