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How to enjoy Cold Calling:

Cold calling has bad press.  Many entrepreneurs, however, view cold calling with excitement, knowing that it is the key that will unlock new business.  It is vital that anyone doing cold calls has this attitude and are eager to go hunting for success, relating to the results it will bring, be it their own bonus…
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What a difference a voice makes

We all react to people and make assumptions if not judge them consciously and subconsciously.  Even if you see someone in the pub for the first time, there is an initial primal reaction to the way people are, there are assumptions based on age, sex or looks, facial expressions and a whole manner of other…
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10 Great tips for confidence when selling or presenting

When I started out in business, I absolutely loathed selling in person.   I was horribly self-conscious, socially awkward and agonized badly on the odd time I scraped up the money to go out to sell.   I suffered stage fright beforehand, and black misery of  “if only’s” afterwards.   Over several decades, I finally learned a bit…
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