Business Strategy Consultant

Having your own business is supposed to be everyone’s dream.  But it can be overwhelming as a start-up. Later on that dream can go sour, you might feel it is a constant fight, or things are not making you as happy as you expected.  Perhaps you are at a different place in your life than when you started.

Business strategy coaching tends to last for a specific number of sessions while we identify the goals and draw up the plans.  You can always carry on with general business coaching afterwards, but in the meanwhile if you would like to:

  • Re-Identify your own authentic goals and what you want from your business
  • Plan both your short and long term goals to deliver them
  • Feel positive about periods of change
  • Re-gain work life balance
  • Re-discover motivation and inspiration
  • Be fulfilled and have a sense of purpose

Sound good?   Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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