Sales and Tele-sales Training

I have always been in sales myself or training sales teams, both for face to face and, especially, tele-sales and customer service training for inbound and outbound calls.  These are key areas for your business.  The better your staff perform, the better results you will get.

I can train in house or in a venue of your choice;  I can work on a one to one basis or hold workshops of any size on sales.  Please ask for further details

  • If you want to grow your sales:
  • If you want to stop your sales being feast and famine:
  • If you want more leads
  • If you want to increase customer satisfaction:
  • If you want your sales team to have some get up and go
  • If you want all those excuses about “no time” to make calls to stop
  • If you want to improve sales but don’t have the time or knowledge yourself
  • If you would like help recruiting, training or in-boarding new sales and customer service staff
If any of the following sound familiar, give me a call 07564 267 064   – I can help !