There are so many wonderful books and podcasts and TedX’s and inspirational videos out there, it is difficult to choose a short list but here are just a few favourites:


To sell is Human by Dan Pink

If you haven’t already discovered Dan Pink on podcasts or in book form, it is time to start.  He has an art of making complex ideas seem simple and obvious.



 Start with the Why by Simon Sinek

Perhaps one of the first people to really get us focusing on what why people do things.  Looking at why great leaders from Steve Jobs To Martin Luther King are successful, discovering the common factor to their success is that they started with the Why.


You are a Badass by Jen Sincero 

Yes it is very full on, and a bit California speak, but the fact remains that success coach Sincero hit chords with millions of women world-wide with her very readable best seller.   A mix of stories, advice and exercises and I guarantee at least one of them will get you looking at things a different way.


Who Moved my Cheese by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson 

A light-hearted, entertaining way to look at change.  The cheese stands for what you want in life and that cheese has a nasty habit of keeping moving.  As you follow the characters through a maze, so you learn to have an easier relationship with change.

It’s a Zoo around Here by Nigel Risner 

I have used this book over and over and while it may appear to be a fun, over simplification of personalities and communications, it is extremely accurate and massively helpful in whatever zoo, or group of people, you are navigating.


The Complete Works of Winnie the Pooh by A A Milne  

Some may scoff but there is so much wisdom in these books.   Listen or read and learn.  “What day is it?" asks Pooh.   “It's today," squeaked Piglet.  “My favourite day," said Pooh.”



Steve Jobs_ How to live before you die _ TED Talk

Poignant but incredibly inspirational speech from the late Steve Jobs on how to grab life, grab opportunities.   His ethos was to live everyday as if it was his last.



Falling forward by Denzel Washington

If I had to choose a favourite piece to watch, I think it would be this. The concept is a new way of looking at failure, and “failure” is something we all cope with at regular intervals. I challenge anyone not to find this empowering.

Less Stuff, more happiness:  Graham Hill

Clearing is a very in word at the minute, from clearing your past, your friends, your cupboards.  Graham Hill talks with good sense and humour on our possessions obsessions.

In pursuit of your why by Tony Robbins talking to James Altucher

Hugely watchable discussion on the importance of establishing the Why in what you do, when it comes to both happiness and success.  The sub-title is ”on the importance of purpose and the tyranny of why”, which says it better than I ever could.


TedX talk on the 3d Act by Jane Fonda

I recommend anyone who is feeling their age and definitely anyone over 50 to watch this brilliant new look at life’s cycles.  She talks about how we can look at this part of our lives as a stairway into wisdom, and talks about what we can to move forward with meaning.