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Here are a selection of articles I have written from publications all over the world.  I have written for Real Business  for several years and have expanded my subjects in recent years.   Have a browse through the old ones shown in categories on the left.  I am very happy to pitch for commissions on articles on broad variety of topics, but including :

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Feminism, plus women and work and outside it
  • Psychology
  • Lifestyle including work life balance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Authenticity
  • Change
  • Challenges & Advantages in the Third Act

My own blogs are a a mixture of subjects, anything that I feel particularly strongly on,  or something I have found worth sharing .   A bit diverse but I hope they will both entertain and help you to know me better.

I am qualified copywriter and a writing course junkie, continually trying to improve my craft.   I occasionally take on copy-writing work such as blogs, press releases or newsletters for clients too so if I can be of help on that please email me on


The habits of successful people

         With the New Year over and some of excelling at resolutions and some of us, let’s face it, slipping slightly off course, you could try a totally different approach this year.  Why not, instead, start making changes to your life by adopting the habits of the mega successful of this world.   If they have…
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Behaviour of business heavyweights shows burnout is no longer cool

 Eastern practices and holistic solutions are becoming more widespread in all aspects of business life;  a remedy to the now bygone times where burnout and exhaustion were almost celebrated. Feng-shui made an appearance in the workplace some years ago, led by The Body Shop, and BA. Recently, many companies including Virgin are adopting even more…
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Top tips for dealing with unhappy customers

Good customer service has become the key to business success, and a vital way for small companies to stand out against the giants. It wins trust, loyalty and sales. Service and the customer experience have to be at the heart of every company’s strategy now as expectations get higher every year. Technology means you can…
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Providing good customer service has never been more difficult

A decade or so ago, a customer service department was simply a vehicle for mopping up any issues that might occur in the course of everyday life, perhaps a well-intentioned limp down an extra half mile for the client. Those days are long gone – good customer service is a must.        …
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