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Here are a selection of articles I have written from publications all over the world.  I have written for Real Business  for several years and have expanded my subjects in recent years.   Have a browse through the old ones shown in categories on the left.  I am very happy to pitch for commissions on articles on broad variety of topics, but including :

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Feminism, plus women and work and outside it
  • Psychology
  • Lifestyle including work life balance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Authenticity
  • Change
  • Challenges & Advantages in the Third Act

My own blogs are a a mixture of subjects, anything that I feel particularly strongly on,  or something I have found worth sharing .   A bit diverse but I hope they will both entertain and help you to know me better.

I am qualified copywriter and a writing course junkie, continually trying to improve my craft.   I occasionally take on copy-writing work such as blogs, press releases or newsletters for clients too so if I can be of help on that please email me on


The wonderful world of FLOW

  FLOW is the state of peak performance originally identified by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.  a Hungarian psychologist.  He identified that we are happiest when we are in FLOW, which is a state of consciousness where time distorts because we are so fully absorbed in whatever we are doing, that we are oblivious to distractions and lose…
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The secrets of Resilience

  Resilience has become one of the buzz words of the 21st Century. Some people see resilience as the ability to overwork, to keep going when other people have fallen by the wayside.  This is not a contemporary interpretation.   Resilience is the skill of not just surviving hardship and challenge but the ability to call…
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12 Tips for Developing a High Growth Team

We all know that it isn’t strategy, nor individual performance, but teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage for businesses.   It is a rare gem, and business owners need to be focussed on it.  Your team is what will determine your business’s growth. Putting a great team together is not easy. Great teams do not…
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Is Influencer Marketing here to stay?

  Gaining followers for a cause by having a charismatic frontman has gone on through history.   The current incarnation is the celebrity influencer or blogger. Influencer marketing rose massively in 2017.  But perhaps it is unsurprising to read a report from Saatchi New York recently which found generation Z to be turning away from the…
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