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Here are a selection of articles I have written from publications all over the world.  I have written for Real Business  for several years and have expanded my subjects in recent years.   Have a browse through the old ones shown in categories on the left.  I am very happy to pitch for commissions on articles on broad variety of topics, but including :

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Feminism, plus women and work and outside it
  • Psychology
  • Lifestyle including work life balance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Authenticity
  • Change
  • Challenges & Advantages in the Third Act

My own blogs are a a mixture of subjects, anything that I feel particularly strongly on,  or something I have found worth sharing .   A bit diverse but I hope they will both entertain and help you to know me better.

I am qualified copywriter and a writing course junkie, continually trying to improve my craft.   I occasionally take on copy-writing work such as blogs, press releases or newsletters for clients too so if I can be of help on that please email me on


Healthier, fitter staff drive profits forward

Led by the demands of the increasingly health conscious millennial generation, health and fitness is a booming business in its own right. Millennials are spending more on taking care of themselves mentally and physically than any previous generation. Self-care is seen as a necessity, rather than a luxury. Boomers tendencies to look at self-neglect and…
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The Real Issues for International Women’s Day

Something has happened to feminism in the wake of the Weinstein case, and in with the co-incidental growing  obsession of political correctness.  Before I continue, let me clear up any confusion by saying that my personal opinion is that Harvey Weinstein is every sort of misogynist, sleazy creep and worse. Sadly, I do believe his…
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Referrals – why you should ask for them (and how to)

The easiest way to meet someone new socially is for a friend to tell someone else how great you are and introduce you.  You are likely to get off to a pretty good start, and it is exactly the same in business.   But neither one of them may ever do that introduction, unless you ask…
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New Year, New Magic

So here we are.   It is the New Year – and not a sparkly new resolution in site in this household.  I find myself entirely in line with Megan Markle in abandoning this tradition. Sitting down on New Year’s Eve with a lot of optimism, booze and imagination is not ever going to be the…
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