Is price really the issue?

When I am talking to SME owners about sales, I often hear wails about how their customers do not appreciate the years of training and experience they have had and how undervalued they are. Now, I have to harsh here. Elephant trainers may well have years of experience in elephant training but it does not mean that it is worth you paying them large sums of money if you are not riding an elephant.

People who be moan their customers not appreciating their training and expertise are looking purely inward at themselves, rather than looking from a buyers’ point of view. While they (and the elephant trainers) should take pride in what they have achieved, they need to put themselves in the prospective customers’ shoes. Prospective customers are only motivated by their own needs and wants. Which is fair enough, when you think about it.

Customers do use the price excuse more than any other to not buy. But only some of them will be telling the truth about it. It has become just standard in this day and age to argue about price as part of the negotiating tactics. People are convinced that if they ask, they will get.


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