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Start for Success aims to help and encourage every aspiring and early-stage entrepreneur plan and reach their dream of a successful business.  #StartForSuccess.  Out now..

Start for Success

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About Start for Success

Start for Success with the help of this authentic guide to what starting and growing business is really like.  All the major topics are covered and each chapter is packed with thought provoking ideas that you can use or adapt in your business.

Anecdotes, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always informative, illustrating the stream of practical advice you can immediately apply.  Read how one entrepreneur tackled fear deep in caves in the Alps.

How one coped with pitching for finance on a deckchair on the pavement in the pandemic, or learn the art of buzz marketing from founders who walked the London streets wearing homemade sandwich boards.

How one learned to stand out pitching by asking people to “drop their trousers” while faced the challenge of protecting their team when a customer threatened to “Uzi” them.  You learn what has worked for them and how they have overcome extraordinary challenges.

From discussions on mindset to MVPs, fear to finance, sales and marketing to systems, and the whys and the hows of setting up a business in a way that you can grow and scale successfully and the pitfalls and overcome the challenges as you start for success.

“When I started my first company this book would have been invaluable. I am going to bulk buy and hand out to any new entrepreneurs on my mentorship program.”

Rachel Watkyn, founder, Tiny Box Company

“This book is probably the most honest, straightforward entrepreneurship book I have ever read”

João Fernandes , founder, Buzzstreets

“A fascinating read with actionable tips you can use on your business. I wish I had this book when I started out on my entrepreneurial journey 25 years ago!”

Steve Bolton, founder and Group CEO, Bolt Partners

“A cornucopia of relatable founder stories, heart-warmingly narrated and sprinkled with pragmatic guidance. An easy, supportive and uplifting read.”

Merlie Calvert, founder, Farillio Limited.

"This book sweeps away the mystery and enigma surrounding entrepreneurship and replaces it with practical guidance and insights"

Duane Jackson, serial entrepreneur

"Jan Cavelle has pulled together the most comprehensive, practical 'how to' guide for founders. Every founder will find something useful in it."

Ben Legg, co-founder Portfolio Collective

"In addition to sparking a few new ideas, the stories I read from fellow founders made me rethink the way I approach mentorship and building my own business. "

Keshni Morar, serial entrepreneur. mentor. investor

"Reflected my own experiences as an entrepreneur, as well as many I wish I had learned before I launched Papa & Barkley!"

Adam D. Grossman, founder, Papa & Barkley
Lily Li, Hygea Home Services

“The book is an explanation of the Start of success. The more you read the more you get excited, as you will learn a lot from it.”

Lily Li, founder, Hygea app

“Start for Success” lights the spark of confidence needed to cross the line of fear, and step into an adventurous world of business possibilities.”

Philip Dumont de Chassart, CEO of Balu Pecan & Chairman of Surrey Group

“If you're thinking of starting a business the first step you need to take would be to read Start for Success.”

Niall Greenan , founder Greenan Products: The Smart Bunker

“There are so many great takeaways from this book that even a few years into my journey have helped me pivot my thinking into more successful ways of doing!!!"

Kylee Leota, director and Chief Vision Officer, Elements 4 Success

"Jan has a phenomenal grasp of the practical side of running and building a business. This book inspires and motivates. I'm impressed."

Stephanie Scheller, founder, Grow Disrupt

“An inspiring and comforting reminder that ‘big things’ come in time and sometimes to start, it’s all about finding a way to keep the lights on. “

Nicholas Schooling Co-Founder of Local Knowledge Travel

" Easy to understand and later apply the concepts. A must have book for anyone thinking of starting a business or who's already started."

Karla Garza, director, Key Coworking

"The depth and breadth of knowledge represented in Start for Success is surprisingly substantial. A must read for entrepreneurs”

Hiram Skaggs,

Includes Stories From

Abe Matamoros, EllieGrid
Andrew Barnes, Go1
Andrey Yashunsky, Prytek
Asim Amin, Plumm
Ben Talin, 361consult
Bhairav Patel, Atom Ventures
Calypso Rose, Indytute
Chad Wasilenkoff, Helicoid Industries
Charlie Cook, Rightcharge
Charlotte Pearce, Inkpact
Craig Bunting , BEAR
Craig Dempsey. BLH Group
Craig Knight, Identity Realization
Damian Connolly, Sakura Business Solutions
Daniel Flynn,Thankyou
David Jenyns, Systemology
Daniel Koffler, NewFrontiers
Danny Matthews, Brand specialist
Deepak Shukla, Pearl Lemon Group
Dr Jeff Chen, Radicle Science
Dr Wei-Shin Lai, AccousticSheep
Elnaz Sarraf, ROYBI Robot
Emma Parkinson, International Energy Products
George Rawlings, Thursday

Georgia Metcalfe, French Bedroom Company
Glen Bhimani, BPS Security
Gordon Midwood, Anything World
Harold Punnet, NervGen Pharma
Ian Finch, Click Europe
Jade Francine, WeMaintain
Jake Munday, Custom Neon
Jamie Irwin, Straight Up Search
Jarie Bolander , The Entrepeneur Ethos
Jazz Gill, SPARBAR
Jenni Field, Redefining Communications
Jeremie Warner, Power a Life
Jeremy Fleming, Stagekings
Jessica Flinn, Jessica Flinn Design
Joe Seddon. Zero Gravity
Julie Bishop, IT Naturally
Kalyan Gautham, WATT
Laura Harnett,The Seep Company
Lina Barker, Aaron Wallace
Lucy Gordon, From Our Cellar
Mark Allen, Get Patch
Mark Hayward, Sway PR
Matt Bullock, Spinify
Matt Leach, Geotekk

Michael Holmstrom, STEM Punks
Nicolas Naigeon, AVEiNE
Olly Richards, StoryLearning
Olivia James, The Harley Street Coach
Paris Michailidis, My Little Panda
Paul Brown, BOL Foods
Rich Wilson, Gigged.AI
Richard Boyd, Tanjo.AI
Richard Mabey, Juro Online
Richard Osborne, UK Business Forums
Roger Jackson, Shopper Intelligence
Roman Grigoriev, Boomf & Splento
Rune Sovndahl., Fantastic Services
Sanjay and Shashi Aggarwhal,The Spice Kitchen
Sharon Melamed, Matchboard
Shem Richards, Goldilocks Suit
Stephen Halasnik, Financing Solutions
Tim Mercer, Vapour Cloud
Tom Mills, Two Oceans Strategy
Tony Nicholls, Good Talent Media
Vicky Whiter, Peters’ Cleaners
Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, The Black Farmer