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scale for success

Scale for Success

Expert Insights into Growing Your Business

Out now in the UK, from Bloomsbury Business

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Endorsements & Reviews

Scale for Success does a brilliant job of weaving together stories, lessons and thoughtful reflections. Each one of the eighteen entrepreneurs featured could write a book. Until they do, this is the one to read

Oli Barrett MBECo-Founder, Turn On The Subtitles, Start Up Britain

Scale for Success tells the stories of growth enterprise, delivers some of the essential rules of growth, and will inspire anyone that reads it. The outrageously tough journey of building a company and actually enjoying the process is very rare but Jan has captured the stories of those that have worked hard to build their success.

Lara MorganFounder & Co-Owner, Scentered and Founder, Global Amenities Direct

What I love about this book is that Jan provides in-depth stories that truly engage and connect with the reader. This is how business books should be written.

Joseph MeuseBusiness GPS

Jan Cavelle has written a must-read primer that offers behind-the-scenes insight into the journey of fascinating and diverse business leaders who share the highs, lows and in-betweens of entrepreneurship.

Nancy ThompsonFounder & President, Vorticom, Inc.

Business is challenging at every level. Fortunately most of these challenges have been solved, you just need to know where to look. Scale for Success collates many lifetimes worth of insights, shortcuts and wisdom. Grab a copy, take notes and get to work!

David JenynsFounder, SYSTEMology

Every year that a company survives in business should be celebrated - the tenacity to bring together essential ingredients for scaling an early stage venture should never be taken lightly. Scale for Success highlights these essential qualities and includes valuable references to entrepreneurs and their success stories.

Rick AnsteyFounder, inQbator, iQFunds, and iQ360, Queensland, Australia

In Scale for Success, Jan talks with real people as they recount their business challenges with warmth and clarity whilst revealing key takeaways. A refreshing change from the usual jargon-filled business books.

Tara HawkinsDirector, Authentic Villa Holidays

Scale for Success shows the reality of business growth as an entrepreneur. With real, frank discussion of the challenges that plague small businesses, solutions become possible. Jan shares those stories and solutions, creating a practical guide for business at any stage.

Nettie OwensFounder & CEO, Momentum Accountability

Jan has an incredible knack of making scaling applicable and accessible for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Making the human connection between real examples and applicable strategies is golden. Relatable, human, and super valuable, a must read for the business owner getting ready to scale.

Jo GiffordContent Development Lead, Author and Podcaster
Notable Contributors

With thanks to the wonderful people who gave their time and wisdom to Scale for Success

Scale for Success contributors from the UK:

Jeremy Harbour, The Harbour Club
Mike Lander of Piscari
Lex Deak, Kinder List
Bev Hurley, YTKO
James Davidson,
Stephen Kelly, Tech Nation
Andrew Milbourn, Kiss the Fish
Russell Dalgeish, Exolta Capital Partners

Alex Packham, ContentCal
George Sullivan, The Sole Supplier
Ben Revell, Winebuyers
Rob Hamilton, Instant Offices
Ranzie Anthony, Athlon
Adrian Kingwell, Mezzo Labs
Simon Wadsworth, Igniyte Ltd
Ed Molyneux, Free Agent
Natalie Lewis, Dynamic HR Services

From the US:

Jeff Fenster, Everbowl
Natalie Douglas, Lucidity LLCRareiTi Inc
Durell Coleman, DC Designs
David Meerman Scott, Strategist, Speaker, Author
David Siegal, Right Side Venture Capital
Dame Shellie Hunt, Women of Global Change
Matt Sweetwood, Luxnow, author

From Australia:

James Bartle, Outland Denim
Paris Cutler, Planet Cake & Blue Ocean Strategist
Sam Kennis, The Three Wolves
Roby Sharon-Zipser, hipages Group
Nicole Lamond, Eloments Tea
Anneke van den Broek, Rufus and Coco

if you would like to listen to many of these amazing entrepreneurs share their wisdom in person, here is the link to The Scale for Success Meet the Entrepreneurs Summit which contributor Russell Dalgleish and his amazing team organized.

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is the easy bit.

Surviving and then growing it is far harder.

Scaling it to morph into a bigger venture is perhaps the toughest step of all, with a gigantic failure rate.   I know those struggles from learning them the hard way. I set out to write Scale for Success to help others avoid the traps that I fell into.

In writing Scale for Success, I had the help of an inspirational array of some very special entrepreneurs from across the globe, people recognized as experts in a particular field, and names behind household brands.

Together, they have shared their amazing stories, and give practical advice and guidance that you can take away and apply in your own business.

With insights from world-renowned figures in industries such as tech, pharma, wine, marketing, and clothing, this book provides an eclectic array of ideas and approaches that have already been tried and tested in the entrepreneurial world.

Between them, they take you through the vision, the strategy, financing, marketing and sales, and developing team, warn of the various dangers and also help you look ahead at the future.

The book is all about growth, how to scale and how to scale for success.

Courtesy Jan Cavelle

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Journey to Writing a Book

#ScaleForSuccess by Jan Cavelle

Ever since I was a small child, I have spent as much time reading as possible. I dreamt of writing books. But that dream got side-tracked by life, as dreams so often do.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the reality of Scale for Success.

The courage to write Scale for Success might never have appeared if it hadn’t been for the help and encouragement of various people along the way. These include Kate Bassett, now at Management Today, but who gave me my first break, publishing me many moons ago in Real Business. Hunter Ruthven, who took over as my editor at Real Business for many years and was always incredibly kind and encouraging, and my son, who was my rock as always.

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, but nearly all have fascinating tales to tell. When I am interviewing, I am often caught with regret that I cannot do another book just about that person.

Sometimes it is sheer determination. I think of Adrian Falk whose mantra was “I believe” and wrote off from Australia to Park Avenue, aged 18 to get a job and experience in advertising.

Or how Alyson Friedensohn bought a one-way ticket from the East Coast to California because someone had told her Silicon Valley was the best place to start a business.

I think of the strange and random sources of their inspiration – how Keiron Sparrowhawk was watching someone having an MRI when inspired to create an app that is changing the mental health of millions.

Then there is the x-factor that made them successful, which is sometimes just an outrageous nerve. I think of Simon Paine sending a plastic dinosaur with a cover letter asking if potential clients asking if their approach to enterprise was still in the Jurassic Period and if their business advisors were extinct.

I think of the determination such as Cody Sperber who had failed to get a single deal in nine months in business and yet found it in himself to turn around and give real estate one more go. He has gone on to be one of America’s top real estate people.  All of them icons who know what it is to Scale for Success.

I also have come to realize that I learn best from entrepreneurs. Of course, I am far from alone in this, hence the enormous success the real Titans have with their books, but it was here the germ of the idea for Scale for Success began.

If you enjoy Scale for Success, please can I ask you one favor – leave a review at Amazon or Goodreads.

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