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I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Jan on The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast. Her life and businesses experiences were inspiring and insightful. I was especially impressed by her candor about the challenges she faced when decided to walk away from her first businesses. It's that insightful and inspiring candor that translates into her book, Scale for Success -- a must read for all entrepreneurs.

Jarie BolanderHost & Author, The Entrepreneur Ethos

Jan is an absolutely phenomenal speaker and leader! She is so willing to share her business knowledge, and her wisdom is truly inspiring!

Hilary RussellRussell Collective Podcast

I have had the chance to interview Jan on my B2B consulting podcast. Jan shares a lot of wisdom about entrepreneurship, sales and the mindset to have when facing adversity.
The fact that she successfully ran a furniture business while raising her children is a testament to her business acumen. Her desire for freedom and help others led her to become a writer today, and readers can enjoy it!

Diogène NtirandekuraConsulting Lifestyle FM

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