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If you have landed on this page, you may want to know a bit more about what I do, what I write, and especially about how I can help you.

Within my coaching work, my absolute aim is to support you, to help you find your purpose, to be your very best authentic self, and, above all, to be happy. I work with people to help them find that happiness and personal and business success.

On the business side, I have nearly 40 years’ business experience, both founding and running companies, in a variety of sectors. I can bring you that knowledge.

I have won national awards and I have trained many, many people in sales and tele-marketing over the years. So I can support you to work on your business growth, increase your sales or get more leads from my sales and marketing consultancy side.

Life is full of changes, personally and professionally and that can be daunting.  I can help support you to work your way through, to gain confidence, happiness, and reduce stress.     I can help support you in making those meaningful changes, personally as well as professionally.

I can help - and I would love to. I can work with you to plan strategies and set goals that will help you move forward on the road to your dreams.

Email me or call me 07564 267 064 today and we can set up a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

jan cavelle

PS – I should just mention that I have a Joint Professional Life Coaching and Counselling Diploma and I am also an Affiliate of the International Society of Qualified Coaches.


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At the Women Influence Forum, Ritz Hotel, Paris:  together with successful women from 15 countries to discuss women’s influence and positive changes in the world.

Jan was very pleased to be involved with the launch of the WIF Forums which aim to become a global movement that will change the destinies of hundreds of women worldwide, making their lives more meaningful and happier.

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