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Jan Cavelle - Supporting Entrepreneurs To Start And Scale

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of a healthy economy

I have never wavered from my belief that entrepreneurs are at the very heart of a healthy economy.

Other the last 150 or so years, we have seen the emergence of many great entrepreneurs. There has been John Ford, Andrew Carnegie and William Rockefeller, to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson. John Ilhan, and many more.

Between them, they have created jobs for millions of people, generated trillions for the economy. They started small and grew – just a bit bigger! And that is what businesses do. It is an ecosystem where businesses disappear and new spaces open up for them to be replaced.

Then there are the microbiz, the hugely valuable self-employed and tiny businesses that make up every local town, generating employment, enabling people to create their own lives.

Right now, it is tougher than ever for everyone economically. Many people already find themselves facing redundancy – others simply need more money coming in. And more still chase the entrepreneurial dream.

We need to do everything we can to encourage and support people to create jobs for themselves and for others. That is what being an entrepreneur is all about.

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Jan Cavelle - Speaker

I also speak about all things relevant to entrepreneurship.

I also speak about all things relevant to entrepreneurship.
I have spoken to many entrepreneurs for these interview and in the course of my book research. As a result, I have knowledge to share and great stories to tell.

Please contact me if you would like me to guest podcast, run a webinar or speak at an event.

Jan Cavelle – Author & Writer

I started off writing articles about my experiences as an entrepreneur. My editor at that point suggested that I share honest articles about the realities of running a business. These stories included the big challenges and the everyday ones. There were the moments of triumph and the stresses that keep all entrepreneurs pacing the floorboards at night.

That was back around 2008 and since then I have written articles for countless publications. I believe it is some way I can help support other entrepreneurs. On this website, I share knowledge, and latest trends. I also share the wisdom of other entrepreneurs I speak to and I write on all things entrepreneurial.

If you are starting or scaling a business, I hope that you will find something of both inspiration and practical use.

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