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Press, Speaking And Podcasting Enquiries

Courtesy Jan Cavelle

Speaking & Podcasting

Jan is a semi-retired entrepreneur from the UK-tuned business writer and author who is available for remote interviews. Her first book, Scale For Success, was published by Bloomsbury Publishing and now Start for Success comes out in January 2023.

Background Information

Jan became accustomed to speaking through her own business career and also as one of the first 50 women chosen to represent the UK as a Female Entrepreneurial Ambassador.  She made regular appearances on regional TV and Radio and appeared more than once on National TV including BBC’s Newsnight.

Through her own decades in business, she experienced success and failure and talks about both with equal candor.  One business was founded when she was a single mum with 2 small children and grew from a kitchen table start to multi-million turnover. Read more about this story here.

Through her writing, she now talks to entrepreneurs all over the world which enables her to keep continually up to date.

Of course, during the pandemic, much of the speaking world became virtual and Jan became a regular podcast guest which she loves.

If you need someone to talk authentically about entrepreneurship and growing a business, please do get in touch.

Speaking & Podcasting Topics Jan includes

  • Starting a business for growth
  • Scaling a business from 1-10m
  • The easy pitfalls to look out for
  • Sales, marketing and customer connection
  • Mental health and entrepreneurship;
  • The importance of entrepreneurship to the economy

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    Suggested Questions

    • How did you become an entrepreneur?
    • Why is scaling up so hard?
    • Are all businesses (and entrepreneurs) right for growth
    • What are the biggest mistakes you can make when scaling
    • Why should people consider being an entrepreneur – especially in current economic times
    • Why sales is still important, why so many people struggle with it, and how to sell more easily
    • Why high growth entrepreneurs can have mental health challenges
    • How to cope with failure
    • What is it like being a female entrepreneur in a predominantly male environment
    • Why she is so passionate about supporting entrepreneurs

    How We Will Promote Podcasts And Events

    We will tweet a link to the podcast episode on Jan’s LinkedInFacebook page, Instagram, Twitter feed and share on the website

    Keynote Speaking:

    Jan is happy to speak at live (pandemic permitting) and virtual summits on scaling up, and other topics as above. Please contact her direct to discuss.

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