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Entrepreneur Interviews:

As I found at  The Supper Club we often learn best from our peers, so I interview entrepreneurs from the UK, Australia, and the US and from all sectors.  There is something so very special about doing an interview, such an honour to get to know them and a little bit about why they do what they do.  Whoever it is, whatever sector they are in, I end up being totally fascinated by it.  I hope you will find the interviews as fascinating as I did – I still do it when I am writing my books, because it is such a treasure trove of knowledge.

Tips and Advice

From experts in their sector, and occasionally from me, you will find a wealth of advice in this section.  Often, it has been acquired through an interview – either one shared on here, or with the intent of delving into a subject more deeply with an expert or two.   I wanted to add some content that was of practical use, that you might find immediate answers that would help you  in your business.


There are also news and opinions -that may have been sparked by anything that affects founders running businesses.  These occasionally involve an interview but more often than not they are more an opinon or two that have been formed out of interviews I have done – and of course there is always news too,be it topical, book or whichever!   I do try very hard to stay off politics – not because I haven’t got plenty to say on the subject, but it isn’t relevant to what I am trying to achieve here.

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