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Getting to grips with stress

Evert 1st  of April sees the start of our national month of awareness of this very 21st problem but it is far from a joke. It is a massive problem in the UK with millions of working days lost every year, and damaging our physical and mental health. Stress is massively misunderstood. It is not…
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What is the future for working mothers facing rising childcare costs?

  The current childcare environment is barring women from working. There are many reasons why there are not enough women at boardroom level. Among them is the problem of childcare. September sees the end of the school holidays where many mothers will return to work, if only for financial reasons. This month also marks the…
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De-mystifying cross-selling, up-selling & incremental selling:

  While cross-selling, up-selling, incremental selling all may sound like mumbo jumbo, it is all pretty straight forward and an essential part of your proposal to your customer.    Some of the verbiage of sales is, I think, what puts off non-sales people and it stops them getting to grips with what are perfectly legitimate functions…
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