About Jan

I am an accredited business coach and an affiliate of the International Society of Qualified Coaches.  I specialise in working with people to find happiness and personal fulfilment, be that in business of personally.

Everybody is different and what makes them happy is as different as the things that hold them back from achieving it.

I have several decades of entrepreneurship behind me, founding businesses to the multi-million mark, and in a wide range of sectors, so I can bring a hands-on experience to the table as a business coach.  I really know what it takes to build a business and make it work.  Prior to that, I worked in sales.  I have won national awards in both sales and enterprise.

Later in my career as an entrepreneur, it dawned on me that I had started doing everything because I felt I should, rather than because it was making me happy.  I had zero work life balance, suffered from regular bouts of depression, and was generally totally miserable.

There is very little point in running a business which doesn’t aim for your dreams.  After a serious lot of thought, I extracted myself from those businesses, re-vamped my own life and committed to training as a coach to add to my business knowledge.

I also write for a variety of publications globally, including Real Business here in UK.  I do some public speaking and teaching when I can.

I am a passionate believer in my own CPD, and have added certificates in copy-writing, and both viral and digital marketing in recent years, in addition to my continual studies within coaching.

During my career, I was appointed as one of the first 50 Female Entrepreneurial Ambassadors to represent the UK in Europe.   I enjoyed deliberating on Newsnight on more than one occasion and debated at the Cambridge Union.  I feel I have been (and still am!)  incredibly privileged.

I have become involved in the team of the Women Influence Community , associated with the World Communication Forum,  where successful women from all over the world discuss ways of women’s influence and positive changes globally to the benefit of humanity.

I am particularly passionate about supporting other women, who can have particular issues to face in business including confidence, self-belief, and being heard, having suffered from all these issues myself in the past.

By no means do I only work with women, however.  I believe that only by nurturing small businesses in this country can we have a prosperous economic future.  Most importantly, I love help all my clients on their personal journeys.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”  Oscar Wilde,

Jan's awards

The Institute of Directors East of England Enterprise Award

Decade of Excellence award from the National Sales Awards


Anglian Business Person of the Year